DYI Wedding Backdrop Rental (frame only)

DYI Wedding Backdrop Rental (frame only)

from 150.00

Our DIY Draping Backdrop Rental includes one set of the following:

  • 2 Retractable upright aluminum poles (extends from 12’ to-16’ tall)

  • 1 Retractable crossbar aluminum rod extends from 7’ -12’ wide)

  • 2 Heavy-duty aluminim square bases (18x18”)

  • 3-4 panels of sheer voile fabric (approx. 60-80”)

    LED uplighting also available Click here.

  • A total of $500 minimum order amount before taxes is required for ALL DIY rentals.

  • Decor setup, styling and tear-down is not included in price. Available upon request and subject to an additional charge.

  • Standard Door Delivery /Pick-Ups Delivery & Pick up charges will apply. ( Thursdays & Mondays 10am-4pm in the GTA)

    Click here to add your choice of backdrop fabrics and create your own backdrop look!

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